Why BLUE? Who’s BLUE?


“What’s your favorite color?”  By far, my least favorite question.  In fact, I detest it.  Yes, I know, it is a perfectly benign query.  It’s not inappropriately intrusive, such as inquiring as to one’s political or religious affiliation.  It’s not asked to covertly ascertain meaningful information, such as what schools one attended or in what neighborhood one lives.  Indeed, the question–as is the answer–is almost irrelevant, unless one wants to buy balloons or some such thing.

As a girl, I answered the question as was expected, but without conviction.  Pink.  Pastel yellow.  Sometimes even red.  But blue was reserved for boys and for sad periods of time a la Picasso’s Blue Period.  As an adult, I was surprised the question continued to abound.  Men wanted to purchase flowers.  (White or pink.)  Female friends wanted to know clothing preferences.  (Black and grey.)  And I needed to determine what color the accent wall would be painted.  (Deep red.)

As I matured (yes, aged), I found comfort in the crystal clear blue sky on a freezing day and longed to see the pristine turquoise waters of the Caribbean sea.  The color blue, and all of its varying hues, had become my favorite.  Finally, I had a preferred color.  No, it wasn’t a color I wanted splashed across my living room walls.  And heaven forbid a suitor sent me flowers dyed an unnatural shade of blue.  But in nature, blue evoked in me the most liberating feelings–unrestrained freedom while staring at a cloudless sky,  reckless abandon while gazing at the pale tranquil waters of the sea, and peacefulness watching the sun set and the charcoal navy  dusk roll in.  Indeed, even on those days when clouds covered the sun, casting a grey-blue melancholy pall on the city, I gave a slight nod to the color’s power.

Blue: My faithful and loyal companion.

But that is not this Blue.  This Blue–the Blue that came first–is my dog Blue.  We rescued one another in 2009 and life has never been the same.  Shortly after adopting Blue, I met my husband, and years later we welcomed our daughter.  Blue remains loyal and faithful, just like the color he’s named after.  And he reminds me of the stunning Caribbean sea each time I call his name.

Thank you, Blue.

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