Photo of the Week.


My friend sent me this photo earlier today.  It was taken near her office as she left work.  Some readers may give the scene a passing glance, note the photo is blurry and move on.  To me, this photograph is as alive as the scene it reflects.  I recognize the blue-grey light of the sky.  I inhale the crisp dusk air.  I smell the City’s autumn, nature mingling with concrete.  I feel the fluidity of motion on the streets as people make their way to the train, the bus, the bar, the show, or the restaurant.  I know the electricity of millions of people making their way, whatever way that may be.  What a photo.

Photo of the Week

Holy Lava!

Last week’s Photo of the Week caused some readers to question why I didn’t provide a caption, explain the scene, or give its location.  I posted the photo because the colors popped, the scene–and scenery–were unique, and because it tickled my fancy.  I hoped something about the photo would speak directly to the reader:  the colors, the clouds, the stream, the smell of freshly cut grass, the solitude, the scope of the task at hand.

This week’s photo, requires some sort of introduction–and a caption–for two reasons:  (1) I didn’t take it; and, (2) it is ambiguous.  This photograph is courtesy of my Husband who saw this scene as he traveled earlier this week.  Although well-traveled, I have never witnessed an erupting volcano.  No, it’s not speculation.  It made the news.