My name is Kimberly.  Like so many women, my check-the-box titles could fill a wheelbarrow.  Wife.  Professional.  Mother.  Daughter.  Attorney.  Sister.  Consultant.  Aunt.  Daughter-in-law.  Sister-in-law.  Friend.  Doggy mom.  Military spouse.   Regardless of my accomplishments to date, personal and professional, I freely admit I am a work in progress.  A being in transition.

Of course, physically, I am on the move, as guaranteed by my oh-so-active-Navy officer-husband and nearly 10-month old daughter.  But equally compelling is the sweet spot I’ve found for spiritual growth, intellectual curiosity and social discourse.  I yearn to learn and long to understand, both myself and the world in which I live.  Herculean, but worthwhile undertakings, to be certain.

For each well-worn title known to passing acquaintances, I seek to possess a different title.  Outspoken advocate.  Inspired writer.  Creative thinker.  Brave soul.  Financial genius.  Compassionate activist.  Change seeker.

These pages reflect my journey to deepen my understanding of myself and the world around me.  I’m pleased you’ve found me and look forward to your accompanying me as life goes on.

– Kimberly

* * *

Currently, Kimberly, her husband, daughter and dog, Blue, live in the sunny southern California city of San Diego.  A place where gentle breezes blow freely, the majesty of the Pacific beckons, and the laid back lifestyle calms even this former New York City professional.

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