2018, Welcome.

Like a deeply cherished lifelong friend who visits but once a year, the New Year arrived, predictably, but with great expectation nonetheless.   For some, it was welcomed with the grandeur and glory of fireworks and near deafening dance music; for others it arrived as quietly as the passing of time.  Some couldn’t have 2018 arrive quickly enough, while others willed 2017 to last just a moment longer.  

For me, I bid adieu to 2017 with a sigh of relief.  Relief that our son is home.  Relief that our children are thriving.  Relief that our family remains together.  And I welcomed the New Year with the greatest hope of the unexpected and the deepest appreciation of grace allowing me the opportunity to try my best yet once again.   Indeed, those endeavors I started, but failed to complete are back on the table.  Strength training.  Learning Korean.  Writing.  But, more importantly, I have refocused my attention on the bigger questions.  How can I be a better partner?  How can I be a more thoughtful friend?  How can I be a better steward of the environment?  A better global citizen?  A better parent?  A better daughter?  

As I write these words, I realize that to do all I want to do while becoming the best version of myself is no small task.  And, likely, I will fail.  Repeatedly.  But that’s what the ringing in of the New Year allows us to do—envision an even better life—one that is more significant, one that is more compassionate, one that is more worthy—than the one we lived last year. 

Happy 2018.

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