The Importance of a Strong Finish.

Over the past few weeks, I have written numerous posts for FirstCameBlue.  I’ve typed words of high praise for Barbara Kingsolver’s Flight Behavior and Jodi Picoult’s Leaving Time.  I’ve written about finding comfort in the chaos of moving, yet, again.  I’ve written about my deep appreciation for–and admiration of–the Okinawan culture and people.  I’ve written about the process of selling our vehicles.  And I’ve written about my apprehension and joy of transitioning from a family of three to a family of four. 

No, you haven’t missed the posts.  Indeed, dear Dedicated Readers will know that there has been little, if anything, to miss in this space.  To my chagrin, recent posts have been sporatic, short, and, dare I say, even a bit superficial, barely scratching the surface.

Each time I sit down to finish a half-written post, I stop.  As our days left on the Island have dwindled down to a couple of weeks, give or take, I’ve taken the time I should have taken during the past two years.  As with much in life, time is most precious when it is most fleeting.  I’ve been spending time at the beach staring at the blue-green water and marveling at its clarity.  I’ve been cherishing every moment with our now only-child, including lunch dates at the food court.  I’ve been reading for pleasure.  I’ve been finding new restaurants to try and revisiting tried and true favorites.  I’ve been stopping to talk with neighbors.  I’ve been studying Korean.  I’ve been cooking through our pantry.  I’ve been enjoying long lunches with friends, new and old.  I’ve been learning about on-post housing in Seoul.  I’ve been organizing and giving away.  I’ve been meeting with housing inspectors and moving company representatives.  I’ve been showing vehicles.  And I’ve been soaking in the richness Okinawa offers.

This is a special place.  Many of its waterfalls, mountains, and beaches remain pristine, as if untouched by man.  Its people are warm, kind, generous and thoughtful.  It was here, we watched [S] grow from a small toddler to a little girl.  And it is from here we leave knowing that our family is complete, even if not yet together. 


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