The Five-Day Countdown

The movers come in less than an hour.  Yesterday afternoon we received our travel itinerary.  In four days we will fly to the United States for the first time in two years.  There we will be reunited with family and friends not seen for years.  Are we ready?  No, not 100%.  But we are the most ready we’ve been.  The vacuum cleaner still needs to be empty and cleaned.  There are groups of miscellany here and there.  Our toothbrush holder needs a scrub.  But those things will resolve themselves one way or another.

I’m off to drop off our daughter at the CDC for the day, pick up much needed coffee, and head to the housing office to schedule our final housing inspection.  Sometime this evening, after checking in to our hotel and putting [S] to bed, we will be able to relax before selling our car, cleaning our house, and preparing for the final housing inspection. 


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