Exhausted from Perpetual Outrage? Me Too.

I am exhausted.  From what, you ask.  From it all.  Or at least a lot of it.  Looking back, it began when Donald Trump became a serious contender in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.  Like many, I was surprised.  But that emotion lasted only a moment before being angered–and, yes, outraged–by Mr. Trump’s now infamous comments about how and where women should be grabbed.  Put mildly, his comments were demeaning and degrading towards women.  But as a nominee for America’s highest office, his words provided color as to how Mr. Trump perceived women–their role, their sex, their bodies.  Simply put, he saw women to be judged by their looks, to be manhandled into physical relationships, and to be talked about post-conquest.  The dearth of women serving in his cabinet is of no surprise to anyone paying attention. 

My outrage was perpetuated by people continuing to support Mr. Trump’s presidential nomination.  He bullied, threatened, and name-called fellow GOP presidential contenders.  Outrageous conduct by a U.S. presidential nominee.  He insulted POWs and military members.  Outrageous conduct by a U.S. presidential nominee.  He was the founder of the birther movement.  Outrageous conduct by a U.S. presidential nominee. 

But wait, there’s more.  I was outraged when Republican senators blocked a vote on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland.  To do so was contrary to the plain language of the Constitution.  That, too, outraged me.  How is it possible that senators are able to curb presidential power specifically enumerated in the document our country holds to be the highest law of the land? 

I was outraged at the e-mail leaks from Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  “Can you imagine if someone hacked into Donald Trump’s campaign’s e-mails and released e-mails?,” I questioned.  And I was outraged at the silence from the Trump campaign about the release of such e-mails. 

Since his swearing-in as President, I’ve been outraged by his choice of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, HUD Secretary Ben Carson, and Energy Secretary Rick Perry, all who have had little, if any, substantive experience regarding the fields they are now overseeing.  And I’ve been outraged by his cavalier attitude towards matters of significance, such as foreign and environmental policy.

Other topics that have sent me into outrage overdrive?  Senseless gun violence.  Refusal to restrict access to firearms to the mentally ill, former felons, and youths.  Abuse of power by the police.  Violence at political events.  Proposals to eliminate funding for the arts.  Climate change deniers.  Holocaust deniers.  Sean Spicer.  Alternative facts.  References to the Bowling Green Massacre.  United Airlines’ treatment of passengers.  Ivanka Trump’s White House job.  Steve Bannon’s White House job.  Kellyanne Conway.  The nuclear option.  Attempts to legislate morality.  Attempts to legislate reproductive rights.  Blaming the country’s woes on the poor.  Proposals to increase military spending.  POTUS tweets.  Just to name a few.

The perpetual outrage is exhausting.  But I cannot imagine the alternative.

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