An Afternoon at the Garage

The garage.

This spring, three events have dominated my thoughts and actions:  (1) paying the annual Japanese road tax; (2) ensuring our vehicles pass the Japanese Cumpulsory Insurance (JCI) inspection; and, (3) preparing to sell both vehicles prior to leaving Okinawa.  Without payment of the road tax, at best, fees and fines will be incurred and our vehicles will not be allowed on base.  Failure to pay the JCI and/or pass the mandatory bi-annual inspection will render our vehicles inoperable.  Accordingly, failure to do either will make our vehicles unsalable.

One of our vehicles awaiting inspection.

Of no surprise, a good bit of time has been spent at the garage, obtaining JCI estimates.  As part of that process, I have joined the mechanic in the garage, staring up at various parts of our vehicles never before seen.  As the mechanic explains each noted issue, his (yes, his) words are translated by the front office assistant.  I’ve been shown tierod end and lower balljoint boots that need replacing and have felt the difference between a smooth brake rotor and a warped brake rotor.

It’s been a process that I’ve enjoyed.  It’s also been a process that [S] has enjoyed.  Who wouldn’t?  Free drinks are offered (warm and cold).  Comfortable seating is provided.  Clean restrooms are standard.  And DVD movies are provided for little ones. 


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