A Lesson: Washi Eggs.

Last month, I received an invitation to learn how to make washi eggs, eggs covered in washi paper.  Our neighbor, has been doing so for years and wanted to share her craft with a handful of women before Easter.  Washi is traditional Japanese paper made from various plants and trees, resulting in a durable product boasting brilliant and lasting colors.  When damp, colors do not run and the paper gently stretches, rather than rips, extremely useful for crafts.

Washi eggs are popular in Okinawa, with local stores selling various sized eggs year round, covered in seasonal paper.  I cheated and used origami paper, rather than washi paper for some of my eggs, allowing me to save the gorgeous sheets of washi paper for future projects.  Yes, one may cover almost anything in washi paper. 

While my egg papering technique will improve with practice, I’m delighted with the results.  It’s a detailed process, requiring focus and patience.  I used my precious alone time to cover the eggs in silence.  It was time well spent. 

My favorite part?  Covering the eggs.  My least favorite part?  Blowing out the eggs.


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