The Perfect Pairing.

Since moving to Okinawa, I’ve picked up two new hobbies:  collecting sea glass and familiarizing myself with Japanese scotch.  Imagine my delight when I managed to pair the two together, while taking a small step to lessen my impact on the environment.  Ever since my first trip to Sea Glass Beach, I’ve been asked what I plan on doing with the many bits and pieces of collected contoured colored glass.  I wasn’t certain, but knew I wanted to fill a few glass jars with sea glass to use as a home accent.  Think beach-themed decor. 

Last week, Russell left an empty bottle of Suntory’s Hibiki whiskey on the kitchen counter, where items to be recycled are placed.  I tried placing the bottle in the recycling bin, but walked back into the kitchen with the bottle in hand.  It’s a heavy, well cut, good looking bottle.  Instead, I peeled off the labels, washed it and let it dry.  The next day, I filled it with blue hued sea glass and filled it with water.  The result?  Better than I imagined.

The rub?  While reusing a glass bottle headed to the recycling bin gave me a righteous lift, a quick online search for Hibiki whisky revealed that empty bottles–along with original packaging–are sold on eBay.  Really. 

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