Re-Thinking Homemade Valentines

Earlier this week I was reading my Facebook news feed.  I often find articles and opinions posted by my friends of interest, especially those relating to parenting.  One post caught my eye.  A friend was questioning the appropriate response to her son having eaten one of the Wonka Fun Dip Valentines purchased for his school class.

I don’t know a thing about how schools incorporate Valentine’s day today.  Years ago, when I was in elementary school, we decorated boxes to put on our desk and our teacher would allow students to walk about and slip Valentines into student boxes.  Regardless, I was curious to read the comments to this particular parenting crowd-sourcing, if you will. 

The original poster asked whether, as a punishment, her son should have to give homemade Valentines to his peers, rather than the sugary Fun Dip treats.  Responsive comments were many and varied and included noting that his offense was minor and to let it go to agreeing that resorting to homemade Valentines was appropriate if he had previously been warned about trying to sneak some sugar. 

I must be old-fashioned.  Or maybe I’m just old.  I adore homemade Valentines.  Growing up, my Aunt sent our family a homemade Valentine decorated with lace and cherubs each year.  The Valentines were undoubtedly one-of-a-kind.  They also showed her love for us through her efforts, attention to detail, and creativity.

As I grew-up, I wanted to make Valentines like her.  I wanted someone to be wowed by the effort taken.  I wanted someone to appreciate the artistry displayed.  I wanted to show someone I loved them.  As a result, years ago, I began purchasing Valentine stuff in hope they would adorn a Valentine given in love.  This year, those materials were mined and [S] was able to select and place the stickers where she wanted and she was able to use double-sided sticky tape to place the hearts cut from origami paper.

The result?  A Valentine her Father adores. 


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