The New Year Pause

It started Wednesday night.  [S] awoke in the middle of the night after getting sick in bed.  As Russell cleaned, I did my best to bathe and comfort our daughter.  Sleep eluded us for the remainder of the night, as [S] continued getting ill until early morning.  Thursday was spent cleaning and cuddling.  Friday, we stayed home, looking forward to the holiday weekend.  Russell arrived home early to cheers of glee from his fan club.  Unfortunately, he was unwell and went straight to bed at 4 p.m.  Shortly thereafter, he became ill.  And just after I put [S] to sleep, I suffered the same fate. 

Two strains of the norovirus are making the rounds on Okinawa.  Truthfully, I cannot recall ever being so ill or so miserable.  Research indicates that the average person will befall the norovirus five times throughout his or her life.  That is five times too many.  Trust me.  Currently, Russell is nearing a full recovery and I’m a day away from doing so if I can just get rid of this massive headache. 

The good news?  I’m within striking distance of my target weight. 

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