The Last Day of the Year.

It’s here once again.  It’s here regardless of whether we’re holding onto the past or loathing the uncertainty of the future.  It’s here despite our best efforts to make time stand still or to hold on to that special moment.  It arrived quietly.  And, despite its certainty and predictability, it arrived quickly.

For our family, 2016 has been a year of great adventure as we continued to explore Okinawan history and culture.  We’ve also deepened our geopolitical understanding of Asia with travel to Hong Kong and Taiwan.  It’s been a year of celebration, for which we are grateful.  We learned of Russell’s selection for promotion, received word that our adoption paperwork has been submitted for review, and had Russell’s mother visit us in Japan.  Of course, this year also has presented challenges and struggles, some routine, some unexpected, and some unique to living abroad.  And, yes, it was a year of great disappointment in our fellow citizens as we learned that Donald Trump was elected president of the United States. 

But whatever I think about the year, be it good, bad or indifferent, it is coming to a close whether I want it to or not, indifferent as to whether I’m ready or not.  And that is the beauty of today.  Today, I am able to hold on to those spectacularly intimate moments that filled our lives this year while letting go of everything else.  Like an iPhone software update, tonight at midnight, whether I’m awake or not, my life will be reset.  When I awake tomorrow, I will do so with the hope, optimism, and enthusiasm of one knowing that I have the opportunity to live my best life–my most authentic life–yet once again.  For tomorrow, I will replace what I wish I had done this year, with what I will do in that one. 

Of course, it’s anyone’s guess what I actually will accomplish in 2017.  Will I make the most of another journey around the sun?  Will I stand up for my beliefs?  Will I better this world?  Will I make the tough decisions?  Will I champion the underdog?  I certainly hope so.  But I also know that if I can’t get it right in 2017, there’s always 2018. 


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