O’ Christmas Tree, O’ Christmas Tree!

Our Christmas tree farm.

Some weeks are better than others.  For our family, this week was not one of them.  Each one of us was diagnosed with pneumonia or suspected pneumonia.  As one might imagine, it was a week of long days spent at home sipping tea and eating soup.  By the end of the week, I was bored.  It seemed as if [S] and I had read every book multiple times, played with every toy repeatedly, and danced to every song on the radio. 

Friday morning, hardly able to stomach the repetitive nature of my days, I looked for inspiration.  Thinking of my Husband’s desire to learn origami, I gathered various packets of origami paper and googled “origami Christmas tree.”  Taken aback by the number of search results, I scrolled through page after page.  So many types of trees.  So many video tutorials.  So many options. 

With [S] sitting on my lap and a piece of plain green origami paper before me, I started the tutorial of the prettiest tree I could find.  After a few folds, I was far behind the tutorial and utterly confused.  Being stubborn, I persevered.  The three minute tutorial took me nearly an hour to complete.  The result?  A lopsided, tiny, kawaii (cute) Christmas tree. 

My first origami tree.

Upon waking this morning, I sat next to Russell at the dining room table, handed him a sheet of paper, and started the tutorial.  After completing a few, we no longer needed the tutorial.  And for that I am grateful.  We crafted numerous trees to give to friends and family, near and far.  This evening, we were graced with the unexpected presence of neighbors stopping by to deliver season’s greetings.  In return, we were able to gift small keepsakes in vibrant colors.  The smiles we received in return were priceless.


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