Toguchi Beach, Yomitan.

Some people believe that one beach is as good as the next; I’m not one of them.  To the contrary, I am a beach snob.  Blame it walking Grand Cayman’s famed Seven-Mile Beach nearly every day for 24 months.  Blame it on trips to Bermuda growing up.  Blame it on vacations to St. John.  Truly, it doesn’t matter why.  Rather it matters what.  What kind of beach (natural or man-made)?  What kind of experience is one seeking (restorative, adventure seeking)?  What kind of sand (soft, fine, coarse)?

Today, we headed to a public playground.  (More on Okinawan playgrounds to come.)  The playground is next to Toguchi Beach in Yomitan, Okinawa.  When we arrived, we saw one man clamming and a couple frolicking in the water.  When we left the waters were dotted with children and adults alike.  Did we swim?  No.  We didn’t bring suits, only [S]’s pail, a towel, and beach shoes.

The beach was clean.  The water was clear.  And the area was filled with places to explore and things to see.  We watched hermit crabs, starfish, sand crabs, and a variety of fish.  We were able to explore caves and tide pools.  And we even collected sea glass and sea shells.  Russell said, it just might be his favorite beach yet.


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