A Sweet Treat

img_5859Be it in the States or abroad, our family is dedicated to contributing to the local economy.  Accordingly, when we are out and about we patronize local businesses as we are able.  While we are far from big spenders, an occasional sweet treat or meal is not uncommon.  Yesterday, after leaving the beach, we headed north to a place we call the Honeyshop.

Foolishly, I thought the store only sold ice cream topped with honey.  To the contrary, the shop sells several varieties of honey and just happens to sell ice cream.  That is, ice cream topped with sweet honey and toothsome honeycomb.  The menu is limited to vanilla ice cream with honey, vanilla ice cream with blueberry honey, and vanilla ice cream with chocolate honey.

Honey-topped ice cream and a container of blueberry honey tea.

The shop is small with only one table inside and two tables outside.  But it offers several varieties of honey, including sesame, wildflower, blueberry, and lychee.  It also provides a tasting station, allowing customers to sample prior to purchasing.


img_5860We departed the small shop with three bottles of honey and three smiles.

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