Dreaming of A Good Night’s Sleep.


Today, I collected my husband from Naha Airport.  To many, if not most, that would be an easy day.  But for me, it was an anxiety-filled 30 minutes of driving on the Okinawa Expressway for the first time.  Why?  I’m not an anxious driver.  Indeed, I am a fine driver.  But I am also severely directionally challenged.  When I was younger, I was in a car accident that I was told I caused.  Allegedly, I failed to stop at a four-way stop intersection.  The passenger side of my (father’s) car, was hit by an oncoming van driven by an employee who had just had the vehicle inspected for a sale.  My day got worse when I was asked by the police officer for my driver’s license.  The cause?  I was on my way to a post-university job interview and got lost; I was focused on finding my way rather than driving.

That accident impaired my ability to feel comfortable driving without knowing where I was going.  Once the vehicle was hit, I didn’t know where I was or what happened.  Given that I have driven north while attempting to reach a location south, my anxiety is reasonable, if not well-founded.  Add to that baseline anxiousness that I live in a country where driver’s drive on the left, most road signs are incomprehensible to me, and Google Maps hasn’t caught up with road construction.  Yes.  Exactly.

Did I make it to the airport?  Of course I did.  Did I make a wrong turn.  Of course I did.  I learned that taking a “slight left” is different than maneuvering a sharp left.  Fortunately, it was an easy fix and I pulled into the airport parking structure relieved.  So relieved, I backed into the parking space on the nearly empty floor.

Since Russell left, I haven’t been able to sleep well.  My nights have been filled with too much reading and excessive tossing and turning.  [S]’s sleep also has been disturbed with routine awakenings.  This morning, I awoke to an early morning text from Russell, “I’ve been up since 4 a.m.”

Now that our family is reunited, I’m looking forward to a good night’s sleep.


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