An Eight Ounce Gift of Love?

Next month our son will turn one–an occasion worthy of celebration.  Were he living with us, we would make a cake, light candles, and sing rounds of the Happy Birthday song.  But he’s not.  So, we’d like to do what we can, which is to send him a gift.

Unfortunately, that has led me into a gift-giving conundrum.  To send a gift to our son, necessitates I send a gift to his foster mother and family.  What to send him, let alone her, eludes me.  The gift, which must weigh no more than eight ounces, must be sent to our adoption agency in the States, which will then be forwarded to the adoption agency in Korea and then passed along to our son’s foster mother.  It is unlikely that our son will receive our gift in his birthday month.

The thing is, I can’t send him love.  Indeed, there is nothing I can send him that will demonstrate our family’s love and dedication to him.  There is no gift that can explain to him that we are his family, awaiting his arrival.  There is no gift that can convey our eagerness to be united.  But we will try.  We will try to select a gift that will bring a smile to his sweet face.  We will try to select a gift for his foster mom that shows how thankful we are that she is caring for our son.  And we will try to remember that this time of waiting is temporary.

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