Sleeping, Standing Up

FullSizeRender(241)A few weeks ago, we decided it was time for [S] to graduate to a big girl bed.  Yes, she is still in diapers.  Yes, she still wakes during the night and cries out for a parent to rescue her.  Yes, she still fits in her mini-crib.  But the issue became one of safety.  [S] purposefully placed her legs in between the crib slats and, sometimes, her thighs became stuck–a painful experience for us both.

I spent most of my waking hours yesterday frustrated.  Nothing was getting done.  Not my work.  Not the laundry.  Not a thing.  That afternoon, I started washing the bedding we purchased over the weekend for [S]’s big girl bed–a regular twin bed.  While some children transition from a crib to a small railed bed, we didn’t think the cost was worth the benefit.  Before I knew what I was doing, I began moving her crib and than started moving the twin box spring and mattress from the back bedroom into her room.

The excitement was palpable.  [S] began directing where I should place the box spring.  She did the same with the mattress.  She helped me put the sheets on the bed.  And then gleefully jumped on the mattress in approval.

Last night, Russell and I checked on her until we went to bed.   Our primary concern was that she would roll off of the bed onto the floor.  While she started out with her head on her pillow, she managed to turn around, resting her legs on her pillow.  Then I found her in a child’s pose in the middle of the mattress.  Right before I dozed off, Russell suggested I peek in [S]’s room.  Her feet were on the floor and she was bent over with her torso and head on the mattress–sleeping.

Early this morning, Russell checked on [S] and found her sleeping on the floor next to her bed.  He returned her to bed and went back to sleep.  Despite her active sleeping, [S] never woke last night.

My fingers are crossed that this the beginning of our new normal.

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