Oh No. Oh My. Oh Dear.

FullSizeRender(240)It’s not nice to post unflattering photos of your child online.  Fortunately, [S] is photogenic.  Unfortunately, she is also two.  But this scene had little to do with her age.  To the contrary, we had just returned from seeing her PA at the Naval Hospital.  Last week I learned that a girl at day care had contracted hand, foot and mouth disease, a highly contagious virus.  The symptoms?  An angry rash of blistered skin on the hands and feet and around or in the mouth.  As I collected [S] from day care that week, the provider mentioned that [S] had a bad diaper rash.  At home, I became alarmed.  It didn’t look like any diaper rash I’ve seen.

This week, small bumps began appearing on her arms, hands and feet, leading us to her appointment today.  My reliance on Dr. Google was well placed on this occasion–[S] has a mild case of the disease.  Our fingers are crossed it stays that way.

But the disease has nothing to do with the reason [S] is crying in the photo.  Ah, yes–there is the matter of the two bite marks on her forearm, one next to the other.  Those occurred in day care earlier today, courtesy of a one and a half year old.  Counting the two bites today, this is the third bite [S] has received from that toddler.  What is one to do?  It happens.  And when it does, it happens quickly.  Trust me.

While [S] will tell anyone who will listen who bit her, that is not why she is upset.  She is upset because after a long day that included being prodded and poked by a health care professional and being bit by a playmate, there was no milk in the house.  And when her Mother offered diluted juice–a rare treat–as a substitute, her Mother quickly learned that there was no juice in the house either.  In the end, [S] settled for water and dark chocolate pretzels, which speaks volumes about someone’s priorities.

After [S]’s snack and a brief visit with our four-legged friend next door, we headed to the commissary to replenish our supply of milk, juice, applesauce, bananas, tofu, and dark chocolate.  Needless to say, her tears are long gone and I now know for certain what I have long suspected:  chocolate makes everything better.

2 thoughts on “Oh No. Oh My. Oh Dear.”

  1. Poor little girl. The bite marks are so evident and now another problem – h&m disease. I am glad that chocolate fixed everything. Give her a big hug for me.

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