Brexit: A Massive Knock-On Effect

I continue to contemplate the consequences of Great Britain’s vote to exit the European Union.  Tensions run higher now than they did during the Brexit campaign.  To say I am incapable of understanding fully the knock-on effects of matters flowing from last week’s vote would be a significant understatement.  Indeed, while I love Europe, I’m not European.  And while I’ve enjoyed several trips to Britain, I’m not British.  Rather, I am American.  And my analysis of the vote is decidedly American.

When I heard about the Brexit vote, I quickly wondered how such an unexpected result would affect the U.S. presidential election in November.  For those unable to connect the dots leading from one side of the pond to the other, Mr. Trump eagerly did so.  The upshot?  He was right.  President Obama was wrong.  Hillary Clinton always is wrong.  This, despite his initial analysis of the situation, made via Twitter, which got the facts wrong.

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