STACK: My New Addiction

We don’t allow [S] to watch television.  She is too young.   But I permit her to look at photos of herself on my iPhone.  (I know, I don’t know if that is much better.) Lately, much to my dismay, she’s been exploring other apps on my phone.  Earlier this week, I found her browsing through the App Store on my phone, something I never do.  After wrestling my phone away from her little, but strong, hands, I took a look at the top free apps.  And there it was.  Standing out like a beacon at number four on the list was the game Stack.  I had no idea what it was, but it was free and the graphic intriguing.  The app sat untouched for 48 hours.  Then, last night, as I struggled to fall asleep, I opened it.

Sliding colored tiles move across the screen in different directions.  The goal?  To stack the moving tile atop the static tile.  Any portion of the tile hanging over the edge is cut off, resulting in smaller and smaller tiles, until it is impossible to stack one atop the next.  Game over.  It appears that if one stacks enough tiles perfectly, the tiles grow back bit by bit.  But I haven’t played the game well enough to know this to be fact.  Rather, it is merely speculation and misplaced hope for possible redemption.  That said, Stack is addictive.  It’s hook?  The game appears far too simple to be as difficult as it is.


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