This Year

This year, may we find a cure for cancer, eliminate hunger, and curb gun violence.  May we be thankful.  May we embrace civility.  May we eat real food and teach our children to do the same.  May we treat others as we wish to be treated and remember to mind our manners.  May we read a good book.  May we appreciate our differences while discovering our commonalities.  May we gladden the hearts of children.  May we give a stranger a smile and provide assistance to those in need.  May we sing out loud.  May we combat hatred with love and displace anger with understanding.  May we laugh more than we cry.  May we support the Arts.  May we treasure new ways, experiences, and thoughts.  May we be grateful for all we have, rather than pining away for things we want.  May we plant a garden, if not flowers or a tree.   May we spend more time with family and friends and less time interacting with our mobile phones.  May we learn.  May we respect and protect our planet.  May we recognize our humanity and embrace humility.  May we see the beauty of each moment.  May we be kind, always.  And may we love more than we thought was possible.

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