It’s a Happy Halloween After All


Friday.  Yesterday.  The day that seemed to last forever.  Friday, the three of us went to the hospital.  [S] received her flu and varicella (chickenpox) vaccinations; I received my flu shot.  Later that day, as I sat holding a sleeping [S], I thought we should do something to acknowledge Halloween.  Neighbors had told us that people sit outside and pass out candy, alleviating the need to decorate anything. But other neighbors told us that many people do not sit outside.  The rumblings of possible rain, the presence of an active 18-month old, and the fact we still have shrews running around our yard at night, made our decision easy.

As I sat rocking [S], my mind ran through what we had on hand to decorate our home.  Everyone has something on hand, I thought to myself.  And then it hit me.  And it took off from there.  The cost?  Nearly nothing.  The tools?  Three sheets of construction paper, scissors, black markers, cardboard and an artistic partner.  (I get bragging rights for the face on the large pumpkin, but my Husband drew the tree and the letters.)  The large brown paper was packing paper received in an Amazon box kept for crafts, bat and pumpkin templates were found online, the cardboard was salvaged from our recycle bin, and a bit of aluminum foil made the moon glimmer.

It only took a few hours to complete the entire project.  And I’m pleased with the outcome.

Enjoy a peek behind the scene.

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