Mother Nature’s Fair Warning

Whenever the weather and our schedule cooperate, [S] and I start our mornings with a brisk two’ish-mile walk.  Our routine typically is the same each day.  Before we start our walk in earnest, we stop by to see the Sea.  Sometimes our stop is brief and other times a bit longer.  The view is never the same.  Some days the sky meets the Sea, making it nearly impossible to discern the horizon; other days dozens of puffy cotton-ball like clouds grace the piercing blue sky.

Today was different.  We stood looking at the Sea–in the heat and humidity–because I thought I could make out a faint rainbow in the distance.  As I continued staring, I realized that rain was headed our way, quickly.  Mesmerized by the fast-changing Sea and intensity of the darkening sky, I stood still for a few more minutes before heading back down the street to our home.  We’ll walk another day, I thought to myself.  By the time we arrived home, the first raindrops had begun to fall.  The downpour followed.

Thanks for the head’s up, Mother Nature.


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