[S]’s Artwork?


[S] spent seven hours at one of the Child Development Centers (“CDC”) on base yesterday.  When we collected her, we were provided a half-sheet telling us what and how much she ate, her activity of the day, and a log of diaper changes.

Imagine our surprise when we were told that [S] put together the ice cream cone (pictured above) as the activity of the day.  Personally, I love the colors and shapes.  But I’ve been wondering what our daughter did to make it hers.  I would like to think she positioned the scoops of ice cream strategically on the cone, but that likely would be wishful thinking.  Indeed, I know [S] would be more likely to stick the shapes into her mouth than on a piece of paper.

The second piece of artwork we were given was a fan (pictured below).  The artwork on the fan shows all signs of being created by [S] with minimal–if any–assistance.

Regardless of how much–or how little–she did, I know that she contributed somehow to her artwork.  And as a proud parent, I can’t help but show off her accomplishments.

Perhaps that’s all that matters.


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