Okinawa or Bust

It’s time.  Finally.  After an interminably long month, we’ve reached its end.  We’ve sold our vehicles, cleaned our rental unit, changed our mailing address, alerted those with a need to know of our travel plans, and have left most of our material possessions behind.  We’ve said our goodbyes–to family and friends, to San Diego, and to Blue.  All we need to do now is to physically leave.

Our family’s journey seems as if it is ending, when it is just beginning.  I’m looking forward to being exposed to different cultures, different languages, and different people. In the past, leisure travel around the world has left me reinvigorated, but exhausted, as a result of the steep learning curve required of navigating new places in a new language.  I’ve missed that unique honest mental exhaustion at the end of the day and am looking forward to embracing living outside of my comfort zone once again.  After all, that is when I’m forced to take chances, encouraged to push boundaries, and free to reinvent myself.

I have no idea what awaits us.  But I take great comfort in my ignorance.  Before I moved to Cayman I envisioned my new life as calm, comfortable and contented.  My actual time in Cayman can be characterized most accurately as a period of intense emotional, spiritual and experiential growth.   Indeed, my life in Cayman had more beautiful moments than one has a right to expect in a lifetime.  Yet many of my days were dark, marked only by the deepest sense of hopelessness.

Today, I walk hand-in-hand with my Husband toward the unknown.  We go forward, blissful in our ignorance, armed with knowledge that we will be able to comfort and care for one another regardless of circumstance or condition.  My hope is that I will be too busy to write in this space.  But even if that were so, I would still need to write about how this experience has broadened my thought process, taught me new lessons, and changed me for the better.  Can’t wait to share.


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