Moving On

We have moved one step closer to our departure.  Yesterday, we checked in at the Miramar Inn at MCAS Miramar.  The staff is friendly, the room clean and the air conditioning cold.  Good or bad, this the is the most time I’ve spent on base–any base.  I consider our stay a primer for what’s likely next to come.

We have downsized our living space to a one bedroom suite.  I’m surrounded by two sea bags, one large purple laundry bag, two carry on bags, a stroller, a box full of toys and a small Tumi suitcase.  Our two pieces of large luggage and two small bags sit in the bedroom, along with [S]’s Pack n’ Play, and the front closet hosts a heavy garment bag, boots, and more toys.  Yes, we continue to downsize in spite of our circumstances.  But to transport our luggage to LAX, we will have to upgrade from a standard SUV to a Suburban or Escalade later today, regardless.

As each remaining day passes, we find ourselves with less on our to do list and more time to enjoy our final days in SoCal.  Finally.


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